About Us


CETANZ was established in 2007, by a group of Civil Engineering Testing professionals from all around New Zealand. In association with Engineering New Zealand, we support members with technical advice, networking and guidance to improve the industry for future generations.

Our representatives are on the committees of many other organisations and bring their expertise to these forums.

Along with Connexis, CETANZ has developed a nationally recognised qualification for civil engineering technicians. This makes our industry more attractive to potential and existing technicians as a career.

Proficiency testing is another key area that CETANZ is involved in. As an independent association, we organise, coordinate and report on a number of proficiency rounds each year for various tests.

Our members benefit from the independent support and professional representation from people who are experts in their field.


Continuous Improvement of the standard of testing in New Zealand.

Advancing the status of testing to the construction industry.

Representing members views to regulatory authorities.

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Danny Wyatt

CETANZ Committee Chairman


William Gray

Technical Group Leader


Sarah Amoore

CETANZ Secretary / Careers


Brigitte Sargent

CETANZ Treasurer / Careers & Events / Editor

Clark Yparraguirre

Careers & Events Group Leader


Corey Papu-Gread

Committee / Careers & Events


Steven Anderson

Committee / Technical Working Group

Frank Hu 

CETANZ Technical Group