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Civiltrain (NZ) Ltd is a leading provider of practical, skills-based training to the civil engineering industry in NZ and overseas. The courses focus on areas that are specific to modern day construction and the increasing need for quality and are backed up by the industry. Civiltrain can provide free assessments and registration to NZQA Unit Standards for candidates who attend our technical courses.
Civiltrain can also provide training and associated services to people who use and/or own radioactive material.

Civiltrain Ltd


Coffey International Limited is a specialist professional services consultancy with expertise in geosciences, international development, and project management. Operating for more than 50 years, we are well known in our markets for deep technical skills and market-leading solutions to complex tasks. Coffey is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: COF).

Civiltrain Ltd


Road Science have specialised Laboratories located in Auckland, Mount Maunganui, Wellington and Christchurch. The laboratories provide expert advice surrounding: Mix design, Materials testing, Quality assurance; and Pavement investigation.

With reliable and fast turnaround, the experienced, competent and professional Road Science laboratory team provide more than just test results and data - they offer technical assistance and analysis of the results for projects or tenders.

The Road Science lab team can provide technical support for projects, from initial tender and design phase, right through to quality control and compliance testing during the construction phase. When required Road Science can also manage testing requirements beyond a client's scope.

Downer NZ

Office: 09 580 6690
Laboratory Manager: 027 683 7681
Laboratory Section Head: 027 242 7240

Fulton Hogan
Fulton Hogan is a leading multidisciplinary contracting company operating throughout Australasia with many engineering laboratories in both New Zealand and Australia which are IANZ or NATA accredited. 
Fulton Hogan’s laboratories offer a professional testing services to Company and external clients.  Please call '0800 LABORATORY' in New Zealand to contact your nearest Fulton Hogan laboratory.



GEOTECHNICS LTD – Sales, Rentals & Testing
Geotechnics are a leading supplier of equipment , testing services, calibration and rental equipment to the geotechnical, civil, and environmental engineering disciplines. 
We are a privately owned New Zealand based company which has been operating both nationally and internationally for over 50 years. 
Geotechnics are proud supporters of CETANZ and encourage our staff to commit time and energy to assist in developing a strong industry for future generations.

Geotechnics Ltd


HIGGINS – Showing the way
Higgins Group is a diversified group of companies consisting of contracting operations, asphalt, concrete, aggregate and bitumen plants, equipment manufacturing, roadmarking and sign companies. Founded in Palmerston North in the 1950’s by Dan Higgins, the Group has grown to become a leader in New Zealand’s civil construction industry. To support these operations, Higgins Group has established three IANZ accredited laboratories based in Auckland, Napier and Palmerston North.

Higgins: Showing the way


Opus laboratories have over 50 years of experience in Civil Engineering and engineering materials testing, with the laboratories gaining IANZ accreditation (formerly TELARC) in the 1970s.
Our comprehensive quality assured service includes testing carried out in the laboratory, field and site sampling.  To our clients, this means we are able to offer our professional experience, whether it be in site investigations or evaluation and testing of engineering materials. 
We offer a wide range of routine materials testing, covering aggregates, concrete, bitumen, soils and asphalts, plus specified services such as geotechnical, stabilisation, CPT testing, and instrumentation.

Civiltrain Ltd


The Measurement and Calibration Centre (MCC) is New Zealand's leading dimensional measurement and calibration laboratory.
We offer a full range of calibration services to the civil engineering industry including compression machines, load cells, balances, impact testers, nuclear density meters, shear vanes, dial gauges,  . . .
MCC also provide on- site services for machinery levelling & alignment and marine ship survey. 
We proudly support CETANZ and encourage the continued development of the professional support network now available to the testing fraternity

The Measurement and Calibration Centre


Stevenson Laboratory is a family owned business that has been operating in New Zealand since 1912. Founded in the Earthmoving industry, the firm has evolved into a diversified group of businesses including Farming, Engineering, Property, Construction Materials and Civil Laboratory services. Stevenson proudly supports the CETANZ organisation and its goals. We are committed to best practice, collaboration, education and review of national test standards.

Stevenson Laboratory


Winstone Aggregates, a division of Fletcher Concrete and Infrastructure is New Zealand's largest manufacturer and distributor of aggregates and sand to roading, ready mixed concrete, concrete product industries, and other building and civil engineering customers. Founded in 1864 the company operates 26 quarries and manufacturing plants nationwide, producing a wide range of durable, high grade concrete aggregates for purposes such as construction and roading. Various specialised aggregates are produced for horticultural, agricultural, landscaping, drainage, and other applications. Winstone Aggregates operates three IANZ accredited laboratories.

Winstone Aggregates


Ground Investigation Ltd is a leading provider of in situ testing to the New Zealand geotechnical industry. We undertake cone penetration testing (CPT) and flat dilatometer testing (DMT) as well as associated downhole seismic testing (SCPT and SDMT). We have a large range of versatile CPT rigs that can access almost any site. The company's main office is in Auckland, with branches in Christchurch and Dunedin. We have a small team of experienced CPT operators. Ground Investigation works on a variety of projects from single house sites to major civil engineering projects throughout New Zealand.

Ground Investigation


Specialist in Pavement Design, Pavement Rehabilitation, Pavement Maintenance and Constructability Advice.
Talk to PE Services for all aspects of pavement design and construction options of roads, airports, container depots, industrial hardstands and subdivision developments. Some of the main deliverables of these include. Reconstruction options and design for Structural Pavement Rehabilitation of existing roads, aircraft pavements and industrial hardstand pavements

  • Options and design for Greenfields; Pavement Construction of road, aircraft and hardstand pavements
  • Constructability reviews for infrastructure projects
  • Road Network condition rating to prioritise maintenance and rehabilitation sections
  • Detailed pavement investigations involving analysis of the existing pavement structure, interpretation of laboratory test results, FWD analysis and many other tools to determine the structural capacity of the existing pavement

  • Ground Investigation